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Online Eye Contact Festival – Christmas Eve Special

24 December 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm CET

8PM-…: Eye Contact & Connect


(Only accessible during the event itself)
8PM-… Brussels | 2PM-… New York | 6AM-… Sydney

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8:30PM: Manifesting Magic by Deborah Knight


8:30PM Brussels | 2:30PM New York | 6:30AM Sydney

Welcome to the Online Eye Contact Festival – Christmas Special
24th of Dec, 8PM Brussels | 2PM New York | 6AM Sydney

This Christmas, nobody needs to feel alone.
Alone? Al-One!

Register and join the ripple of human connection at https://www.4oneworld.one/

Christmas is getting near and while many are cracking their head on the menu, for some this might be the loneliest one ever. Loneliness is extremely high this year. And honestly, we’re all feeling it on some level or another!

Christmas is the day that people gather and will cross the globe to see their loved ones.
Christmas is made to connect with family and friends: sharing magical moments, sending best wishes and singing songs under the tree (yes, we really do 😃).
Christmas is THE day of connection and TOGETHER we can bring the core of Christmas to everyone’s living room!

On Christmas Eve, we’ll use our screens not to isolate ourselves more but turn our eyes to each other from every corner of the world, across all boundaries, races, religions, cultures and sexes to replenish our human battery. You will be embraced and empowered by the amazing Deborah Knight, coach and spiritual warrior, during an open Zoom call.

Join us for a, in the New York Times, CNN, The Guardian, … featured and science proven experience brought online! Previous editions generated millions of smiles and tears on Youtube. Check our website for more!

Imagine the impact … For some, this can be the difference in passing one of the darkest nights of the year and turning it into one of the brightest! It will be a day to unite with awesome people and make more friends than you normally do in a lifetime. That’s how powerful eye gazing is!

If we want this event to be successful, if we want to make sure there is always someone available to connect with, we need everyone’s help to spread the word!

Nobody needs to feel alone.
Are you with us to save Christmas?!

The 4OneWorld Family

Start with registering for free at https://www.4oneworld.one. Your details will serve as a login to connect you randomly with beautiful people from around the world. You start each connection at a level where words end and true communication begins just by spending a couple of minutes of pure honesty and just being yourself by looking into each other’s eyes. No worries, if this sounds scary! You’ll be guided through the whole process.
Can you feel the connection?! Get to know each other and send a message including your e-mail address. The other person feels the same? Wait for his or her reply and send us your story how you found each other on Christmas Eve!
No connection? Bow your head, ‘say thanks’, end the experience, don’t share contact details and respectfully shift to the next person.
During a one hour session you are guaranteed to find more true friends than you’d normally do in a lifetime.

To participate, register for free at https://www.4oneworld.one
Your registration details will serve as a login for the online eye contact application.

Christmas Eve,24th of Dec, 8PM Brussels | 2PM New York | 6AM Sydney
Duration: As long as possible.
(This is a password protected page. It will go public right before the event.)


This Christmas Special is accompanied by an open Zoom room hosted by Deborah Knight. She is an amazing coach and her workshops tend to attract a lot of people. Reserve your spot now!
Open Zoom Room by Deborah Knight: 8:30-9PM Brussels | 2:30-3PM New York | 6:30-7AM Sydney
Bliss Within Coaching


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4. Why not share the event on the timeline of previous eye contact events, mindfulness groups, personal development, spirituality, sjamanistic, … groups? You know how many groups there are related to loneliness? People searching for friendships? Many people will be excited to know about this.


Check us out at https://www.4oneworld.one/ or join the 4OneWorld Family immediately at https://www.facebook.com/groups/505478760215493/


24 December 2020
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm CET
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