Go beyond the superficial, unite with awesome people,
make true friends, find yourself and be happy!

Find True Friends Through The Art & Science Of Eye Gazing

Start Where Words End & True Communication Begins

Be Happy

Find True Friends Through The Art & Science Of Eye Gazing

Start where words end & true communication begins

Be Happy

What We DO

Find True Friends Through The Art & Science Of Eye Gazing

Start where words end & true communication begins

Be Happy


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"You might say we are dreamers"
but our mission is backed up by proof & science

It takes 1 out of 4 people to shift the consciousness of the planet.

Whether it’s 10 people or the whole world, changing people’s behavior is hard, but research shows that in order to do so, we actually only need to convince 25% to start a contagious ripple effect (*1). This minor group, if committed enough, has the power to initiate an atmosphere of true human connection that eventually will shift the consciousness of all who was still behind.

The chemistry of Eye gazing

Have you ever heard about ‘oxytocin’, better known as the love hormone? Science says that it’s being released after only 30 to 60 seconds of eye gazing (*2): Your pupils dilate, self-awareness is enhanced, prosocial behavior is activated, the amygdala (one of those almond shaped parts of your brain) starts pumping chemicals for affection through your veins, positive appraisals of self and others pop up on your mind, even your memory is positively affected, …(*3,4)!

This sounds like a miracle drug, and it is, but a perfect natural and healthy one. And no worries if you can’t make it to your local event: it exactly works the same online (*5)! It’s no wonder that therapeutical applications for people with depression, autism and Alzheimer are being developed (*6).

The path to One World

With simple words, 4OneWorld products will be on offer soon and your purchase will boost the ripple of connecting, and get us one step closer to reach 25% of the planet. Your support will allow us to promote and offer the tools for fellow global citizens to watch each other in the eyes with respect and without judgement. By creating an unstoppable ripple of heartfelt connection, we are shifting the consciousness of the planet towards a united, kind and compassionate one!

1. Centola, D., Becker, J., Brackbill, D. & Baronchelli, A. (2018). Experimental evidence for tipping points in social convention. Science, 360(6393), pp. 1116-1119. doi: 10.1126/science.aas8827

2. A Aron – ‎1997 The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness: A Procedure and Some Preliminary Finding

3. Jari K. Hietanen. (2018) Affective Eye Contact: An Integrative Review

4. Laurence Conty, Nathalie George; Jari K.Hietanen. (2016) Watching Eyes effects: When others meet the self

5. Jonne O. Hietanen, Mikko J. Peltola, Jari K. Hietanen. (April 2020) Psychophysiological responses to eye contact in a live interaction and in video call.

6. M Baltazar, L Conty. (2016) Eye contact effects: A therapeutic issue?

Please do not believe Our words


Join The 4OneWorld movement! Join the global ripple of true human connection!

Imagine if everyone would not be so caught up in their own thoughts and fears, and connected with reality and other people, without expectations, without judgement, but with kindness. Making this into a habit is all it takes to realize we are all the same. We are all going through the same joys, and the same struggles. By coming together, we will move forward not as individuals, but as One World.

When you experience a truthful connection with someone, you will realize we are all the same. You will feel a deep sense of belonging and peacefulness. Join us and bring more compassion and kindness into your life, and experience true love. Foster a happier environment for yourself and the people around you.

When we realize we are all one, we won’t be able to harm another. Instead, our societies will be built on mutual respect. By helping and supporting another, we help ourselves, because through compassion and love, we find happiness. Let go of your constraining beliefs, and become part of a bigger whole. Finding more peace inside us, and with the people around us, is our pathway to global unity.

4OneWorld is the platform where we let go of the individual ‘I’, and build the collective ‘We’. It’s the home that has no borders, that surpasses all discrimination of race, gender identity or beliefs.

Become part of our movement, join the ripple of heartfelt connection today.

Wow! You just reached the end of the page. Great you want to know more.

Yes, we will. We’re still analyzing the current covid-19 situation in order to see when we’ll be able to have the next offline event in a safely manner once again. Believe us, we are as eager to do so, just like you!

In short: Allow your feelings to guide you. The 1 minute is set as a guideline but you can perfectly go beyond. During an event in Boston we had 2 people who never met before share the experience for 40 minutes. That must have been a record! Do note that The Eye Contact Experiment Online only allows a maximum of 5 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll automatically get disconnected for you to share your kindness with the next person.

Yes! We just launched a new feature. If there is chemistry, get in touch with the other person! Check it out during our next event. Also don’t miss out on our Facebook group for you to share and connect with other 4OneWorld Connections Boosters.
Facebook 4OneWorld group

At the heart of what we do is the belief that in our essence we are all connected. This is even been confirmed by science. Our One World already exists. We just need to remember. The energy that connects us goes beyond borders, races, culture and language. And even beyond the internet! Honestly, even when we did our first online we were blown away about the power of the online experience. As an addon, The Online Eye Contact Experiment allows you to connect with people at the other side of the world, with people who are different but still exactly the same.

These days, every country and even every city is at a different stage of the Covid-19 pandemy. Of course, every host and participant needs to abide local regulations. If your place is at a safe state, eye gazing, while respecting social distance, can be the perfect Covid-19 proof way to connect with your community. Even more, eye gazing might be the safest and most intimitate form to deeply connect with people for a while!

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